I started my working life as a yoga teacher and massage therapist at a very young age. Later I studied at the Dutch Academy for Naturopathy and in 1982 I received my diploma. Since then I have been working as a naturopath, coach and teacher of naturopathy.

In 1980 I had my first experience with Sacred Dance and I found myself ‘struck by lightning’. The music, the meditative circle dances, the intense experience of feeling deeply connected with the center in the circle, with my own center and with my fellow dancers, resonated deeply within me.

Somehow I knew this, as if something very old in me awakened: a feeling of coming home.

I wanted to have much more of this and decided to follow the intensive three-year study to become a sacred dance teacher. I was lucky to have two direct students from Bernhard Wosien (the founding Father of Sacred Dance) as my senior lecturers. Esclarmonde Tuk (NL) and Friedel Kloke-Eibl (D) were very complimentary in their personalities and their way of teaching and together with a few excellent colleagues they created the kind of professional sacred dance school that Bernhard Wosien always had in mind.

After receiving my diploma in 1991, I have been working as a teacher and choreographer, facilitating courses, workshops and weeks of sacred dance all over Europe. Later I became one of the senior teachers at the Dutch School for Sacred Dance Teachers.

I especially love to dance in special places where the energy of the dance, of the dancers, of my teaching and that of a specific site (e.g. Glastonbury in the UK, old sites in Ireland, monasteries in Belgium and energetic sites in the Mediterranean area) work together in a unique way and produce ‘something extra’, a special fine energy that has a healing effect, which not only touches the dancers but also radiates far beyond the dance circle.

As a naturopath, I’m highly interested in and motivated by this healing effect. In my experience we do not only dance because we love to dance and it makes us feel good, but also to contribute to the healing of everybody and everything. In all the countries in which I presented my seminars, people asked me if I could give them special training to become a sacred dance facilitator themselves.

Following my passion for teaching sacred dance (and especially to train future teacher colleagues) and my love for working with international groups and the lovely mix of cultures and languages, I founded the Sacred Dance Academy: an English-speaking international school where, with the help of a multi-disciplined team of teachers, future sacred dance teachers are being instructed and helped in developing their own qualities. At the moment the Academy is developing a new format that will combine on-line learning with ‘live’ learning.